Weekly Lobbying News Round-Up

Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio)’s resolution on curbing the OCE is drawing some strenuous objections.  Eliza Newlin Carney of National Journal surveys the “shadows” of ethics reform. Democracy 21 and the Campaign Legal Center (both of whom have also been very involved in the DISCLOSE Act fight) express their concerns in The Hill. Also in The Hill, Nancy Pelosi is apparently willing to entertain questions and comments regarding one of her pet projects.

Lobbyists are handy whipping boys for public anger: FinReg & the Oil Spill being two big categories. The Center for Public Integrity analyzes the numbers of lobbyists doing revolving door-style career moves in the Financial Services sector, while lobbyists for BP are not getting any love these days. Neither is BP, for that matter; American Petroleum Institute attempts to bat PR cleanup for their member companies.

Quote(s) of the week:

“There are a lot of folks out here on K Street who used to be former staffers… [Fundraisers are] a good opportunity to meet new staff that maybe you don’t have a relationship with or maybe you haven’t met ” Jaime Harrison, Podesta Group, Roll Call, June 7

“I’d prefer his [Jack Abramoff’s] halfway house was in Russia, but that’s another issue,” Dave Wenhold, president, American League of Lobbyists,  Blog of Legal Times

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