Weekly Lobbying News Round-Up

The American League of Lobbyists is launching a PR campaign to help educate the public on the good things that lobbyists do. NPR has the story. Key quote from the ALL’s president Dave Wenhold: “Most people are represented by lobbyists, and they don’t even know. I mean, to give you an example: The second you get up in the morning you’re represented by a lobbyist. You go to have your toast, the wheat lobbyists love you. You have your eggs, the poultry farmers love you and their lobbyists. You get in your car, if it’s a Toyota, you have a lot of lobbyists right now.”

(See our post on Lobbying in the Public Interest, too).

Update on Illinois lobbying: a significantly lower¬†fee structure is approved. Some background on the story here, at the ACLU’s site. (h/t:¬†Political Activity Law).

The Compliance & Ethics Institute will host its annual conference in Chicago this year. Some topics to be covered include: building ethics and compliances systems, anti-corruption and anti-bribery systems, managing expectations, and more. Look at the full list of sessions and register here: www.complianceethicsinstitute.org.

The anti-lobbyist mood does not extend to lobbyist checkbooks for some legislators. (At Roll Call, subscription required).

The Post seems to do one of these articles once every 3 months or so, but there’s talk that K Street is no longer the lobbying hub. Not to worry, they’re staying in the D.C. area. (Washington Post free registration required).

National Journal‘s Bara Vaida writes on the revolving door with Sen. Michael Bennet.

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