Tuesday Ethics Tip: LD-203 Edition

In last week’s ethics tip, we discussed registering as a lobbyist. This week we’ll take a look at another form that all lobbyists must contend with: the LD-203.

Background: The LD-203 was first required as part of HLOGA, and unlike the LD-1 and LD-2, the LD-203 is filed by both organizations and individual lobbyists. It is submitted on a semi-annual basis,  on July 30 and Jan. 30.

Information filed: Organizations and lobbyists are required to disclose the following:

  • Any PACs that are “controlled” by the org/lobbyist
  • Contributions of $200 or more made to federal candidate committees, national party committees, and leadership PACs
  • Lobbyists serving on a board of a “non-connected” PAC are also required to disclose the contributions made by the PAC
  • Donations to presidential libraries of $200 or more
  • Donations to inaugural committees of $200 or more

Payments of any amount for the following:

  • Events which “honor or recognize” a covered executive branch or legislative branch official
  • Entity named for a legislative branch official
  • Entity financed, maintained, established or controlled by legislative branch or executive branch official (only applies to entities that are established while serving as covered official)
  • Meeting held in the name of covered legislative branch or executive branch officials

Finally, and very importantly, registrants must state compliance with the House and Senate gift rules:

“Registrant has read the House and Senate rules related to gifts and travel and has not provided, requested, or directed any gift including a gift of travel to a member, officer, employee of the House or Senate with the knowledge that giving that gift or the receipt of that gift by the House or Senate member or employee would violate Senate Rule XXXV or House Rule XXV.”

For more information on the gift and ethics rules, see our Lobbying Compliance Handbook.

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