Trump Linked Industries Are Early Winners

Since the election of President Trump organizations from an array of industries have been focusing on re-writing their government relations playbook for the new administration. For the first time in 8 years, organizations feel like there is a chance to usher through substantial changes on Capitol Hill.  According to Jeffrey Taylor, Managing Partner of, “Based on President Trump’s cabinet, the policy and management differences with the outgoing Obama Administration will be stark, substantial, significant, and aimed at systemic change in nearly every area of government policy that affects business.”


Industries that has already begun to see change during the Trump Administration include a few of the President’s favorites: real estate, construction, entertainment, hospitality, gambling and, golf courses. Politico reports, “Since taking office in January, Trump has made moves — from rolling back water quality permits to signaling big changes on overtime pay and internet betting — that benefit the fields he knows best. And his former peers — partners and competitors alike — are finding familiar faces in Trump’s White House and Cabinet agencies, who have the power to make even more of their wish lists come true…This is the first time a president of the United States is someone so familiar with private clubs,” said Henry Wallmeyer, president and CEO of the National Club Association, the trade group for private clubs. “That’s a unique circumstance.”

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