The Hill is Pro-Business After All

MOST HILL STAFFERS trust corporations, according to a new study by and The George Washington University.  The study, “Congressional Attitudes Toward American Economic Institutions,” found that roughly two thirds of Hill staffers think corporations are trustworthy.  Less than half say the same about organized labor, despite the fact that the sample leans slightly to the left.

According to POLITICO, this is enough to contradict the conventional perception that Washington is anti-business:

The poll comes amid rising complaints from the private sector that Capitol Hill doesn’t understand or appreciate business. In particular, corporations have pokie casino online been agitating loudly against the implementation of President Barack Obama’s health care law, saying it will raise prices and depress hiring.

Few of the 328  staffers polled could potentially be accused of an anti-business outlook, with only 3% opposing the idea that corporations are needed for economic growth, and less than 2% contradicting  the statement that businesses have “a positive impact on communities.”  On the other hand, over 13% think that corporations are not necessary for sustained economic growth, indicating a point at which staffers diverge on big business’s role in long term economic health.

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