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Weekly Lobbying News Round-Up

Friday, May 14th, 2010 by Vbhotla

CQ Politics reports on a favorite campaign game: “Kick the Lobbyist.” Former members of Congress who transitioned from the legislature to lobbying often face a tough road after deciding to hit the campaign trail again. (CQ Politics subscription required).

The White House, as part of their attempt at greater transparency in the executive branch, is posting ethics waivers and other types of disclosure, on their blog. Bob Bauer gets an ethics waiver, since in his role as President Obama’s personal attorney, and as the former attorney for the Democratic National Committee, he may have worked on issues of interest to parties on various sides of an issue. Read about the decision here (also includes a link to the text of the waiver).

An Atlantic interview with National Journal reporter Peter Stone, on his book on Jack Abramoff, Heist (2006), and his role in the new documentary Casino Jack and the United States of Money. See our review of the new movie here. Interesting note: the Atlantic article contains a link back to the very first story on Abramoff’s casino schemes, from way back in 2004.

The Economist profiles a citizen-lobbyist – who ran into grassroots lobbying disclosure rules in Washington state.