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New Lobbying Certificate Program Session

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 by Brittany

Join the American League of Lobbyists for their upcoming Lobbying Certicate Program (LCP) session:

Effective Communications: Congress and the Media
October 18, 2010 from 8:45-11:45 am EDT
Hall of States, Washington, DC

What you’ll learn:
Register for up-to-date training on how leverage more efficient and effective communications in the “New Washington,” including:

  1. How different government officials like to receive their information – and how to take advantage of the newest trends
  2. Today’s best new and traditional media – and when to use them
  3. How to get high ROI from what you spend on media communications
  4. How to support your contacts and give them greater persuasive power
  5. What to say (and not say) to get an appointment with Congressional staff
  6. How to craft a strong presentation and leave-behind materials
  7. What lobbyists must know about communications involving federal contracting -including bid negotiations, collateral policies and dispute resolution
  8. How to make sure your communications comply with all relevant rules – including the new lobbying requirements

Click here to register today!

Four Reasons to Attend LD-203 Ethics Boot Camp

Friday, July 2nd, 2010 by Vbhotla

1. As a lobbyist listed on an LD-2, you must file an LD-203. The LD-203 has civil and criminal penalties attached to it. If you fill out a legally binding document incorrectly, you run the risk of opening yourself (and your company) up to damaging PR and DOJ investigations. Learn exactly what you’re signing and why, at the audioconference.

2. Cleta Mitchell. Cleta is one of the nation’s leading political lawyers and an expert on the LD-203 and related issues. Take advantage of the situation to ask your own specific questions, before you have to answer questions from DOJ lawyers.

3. Learn how to record-keep properly. The statute requires a certain number of years’ worth of record-keeping. Learn how to properly retain what you’ll need in the event of an audit or internal investigation.

4. Get proof of your good-faith effort to understand the law. A quick but detailed survey after the conference tests your knowledge of the topics and provides you with proof of training – particularly useful in the event of a GAO audit.

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