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Lobbyists are your friends

Monday, January 3rd, 2011 by Vbhotla

2010 saw a proliferation as “lobbying PR,” representing a shift to a more offensive, proactive approach to controlling the profession’s image, as opposed to a defensive, reactive stance it currently takes.  Perhaps it is because anti-lobbyist rhetoric has been at an all-time high since the 2008 election.  Or maybe it is in response to executive orders banning lobbyists from the Obama Administration and other restrictive policies that have made it more difficult for lobbyists to do their jobs.

Whatever the cause, we took a look at the top five pro-lobbying videos circulating around the internet to kick the year off right and examined what each was trying to say about the profession.

  • Billy Wants a Dog, Hill & Knowlton’s Dick and Jane-esque explanation of why corporate interests retain lobbyists is more of a marketing piece for the firm than an advocate for the profession.  Still, by default, it does include some pro-lobbying points, reminding us that “there are unintended consequences when governments act,” suggesting that “experts help you communicate with the government.”  The very simple, no-frills animation reveals that lobbyists aren’t scoundrels after all, but experts in their chosen fields.
  • This is Tracy Sherman. Tracy is a lobbyist. follows a woman on her way to her office, where it is revealed that she is a lobbyist (cue dramatic music).  Tracy goes on for seven minutes to discuss what it is that she and other lobbyists do.
  • In his animation, How It Happens: Lobbyists., David Gillette attempts to showcase the need for lobbyists: “Poof! Welcome to a world without lobbyists!  You may not believe it, but we just lost a tremendous amount of legislative expertise…as a result, our government is now almost entirely driven by the limited knowledge of our elected officials,” he says.   Gillette breifly explores the age old question: Are lobbyists evil, adding “What we think about them probably rests more on the issues they represent than the actual existence of the profession.”
  • What is Lobbying and Why is it Important? is the American League of Lobbyists’ explanation of lobbying as “your first amendment right” that needs exercising and protection, featuring several prominent DC-area lobbyists.
  • The Rap on Lobbyists begins “If you want city hall to take your call, if you want the state to legislate, if you advocate for the grassroots, be honest. Who else is going to get your words heard in Congress?”

Weekly Lobbying News Round-Up

Friday, December 3rd, 2010 by Vbhotla

We would be remiss if we did not in some way mention that Tom DeLay, the former House majority leader accused of money laundering and conspiracy, was convicted on felony charges over the Thanksgiving break.  Sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 20, though DeLay’s legal team will surely appeal the conviction.

In other lobbying news:

  1. President: Howard Marlowe, President, Marlowe and Company
  2. 1st VP: Monte Ward, President, Advanced Capitol Consulting
  3. 2nd VP: Jim Hickey, Vice President, Government Affairs, Day & Zimmerman
  4. Secretary: Pam Whitted, Vice President, Government Affairs, Natl Stone Sand Gravel Assn.
  5. Treasurer: Kathy Calhoun Wood, Associate, Hurt, Norton & Associates
  6. Board Members: Michael Aitken, Director of Governmental Affairs, Society for Human Resource Management, Donald Erickson, Director of Government Relations, Security Industry Association, Wright Andrews, Partner, Butera & Andrews 
  • The group also unveiled a new PR campaign, kicked off with this video, designed to educate on the lobbying profession, the first-ever offensive effort to sway public opinion of lobbyists.  President-elect Howard Marlowe is expected to further the campaign to improve popular perception of the profession.
  • The resignation of Nick Calio, the former chief lobbyist at Citigroup, who has left the company to pursue a position with the Air Transport Association, has drawn attention to what appears to be a mass exodus from the bank.  In addition to Calio, both the top Republican and Democrat lobbyists (Heather Wingate and Jimmy Ryan, respectively) and two other GR staffers have departed as well.