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Magliocchetti Indicted On 11 Counts

Monday, August 9th, 2010 by Vbhotla

Paul Magliocchetti, the former president of now-defunct PMA Group, an Arlington defense lobby shop, has been indicted on 11 counts, according to the Department of Justice.

The counts against Magliocchetti include: four counts of making illegal campaign contributions in the name of someone else; four counts of making illegal campaign contributions from a corporation; three counts of “causing federal campaigns to unwittingly make false statements.” Magliocchetti appeared in an Alexandria federal district court on Thursday, August 5.

Magliocchetti had to post a $2-million bond and surrender his passport. The former lobbyist also checked into a Baltimore-area facility to undergo treatment for “anxiety.”

Interestingly, the indictment stressed that all the lawmakers given donations were unaware of wrongdoing. This follows on the heels of a House Ethics Committee probe that cleared several legislators, including the late Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) of wrongdoing in the lobbying group’s pay-to-play scheme.

In a separate plea, Magliocchetti’s son, Mark, pleaded guilty to a charge of making illegal campaign contributions. Mark Magliocchetti had worked at PMA Group, and, according to the Washington Post, portrays himself as being initially unaware that it was illegal to be reimbursed for campaign contributions.

The press release from the Department of Justice is here: “Lobbyist Indicted for Orchestrating Illegal Campaign Contribution Scheme.” A Politico article is here: “PMA Group Founder Indicted.”