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Dave Wenhold on CSPAN’s Washington Journal

Thursday, August 12th, 2010 by Vbhotla

Dave Wenhold, President of the American League of Lobbyists, appeared on CSPAN’s Washington Journal program to discuss potential changes to the Lobbying Disclosure Act reporting structure.

Wenhold mentioned the Sunlight Foundation’s actions on behalf of transparency. A recent Sunlight blog post on Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy’s LDA Amendment Act talks more fully about actions that Sunlight would like to see taken on disclosure.

Video here, at CSPAN: Dave Wenhold, CSPAN’s Washington Journal

Weekly Lobbying News Round-Up

Friday, July 16th, 2010 by Vbhotla

SEC’s new rule on Pay to Play becomes effective September 30. (60 days after its publication in the FederalWeekly news Register.)

Wiley Rein’s Election Law News July 2010 (including detailed looks at the DISCLOSE Act, SEC’s Pay-to-Play restrictions, Honest Services Fraud Statute, and more).

But the real question is: will DISCLOSE pass the Senate? Proponents of the measure suffered a setback when moderate Republican Scott Brown (Mass.) announced his opposition to the House bill, and the Maine ladies (moderate Republican Sens. Susan Collins & Olympia Snowe) are still waffling.

U.S. PIRG opposed the House measure (due to the NRA exemption),but has now (grudgingly) backed final passage in the Senate. Lisa Gilbert says that “we have concluded that the greater danger is posed by an election in which voters are effectively forced to wear blindfolds as the special interests behind campaign spending are hidden from us.”

Roll Call reports on a slightly strange rash of filings by Josue Larose, apparently a one-man lobbying firm with 87 new clients. Former ALL president Paul Miller, Miller/Wenhold Capitol Strategies, “said the situation sounds unbelievable … ‘If you sign up 87 new clients — I don’t care if you are Patton Boggs or just one lobbyist — you are going to need a huge team.'” (Roll Call subscription required)

As listed in, Larose has one client as a sole proprietor, and as the lobbyist for American Federal Lobbying Firm, has several PACs clients. His organization’s website makes the claim that: “The American Federal Lobbying Firm is the most powerful lobbying firm of the world and has more clients than any other lobbying firm in the United States of America.”

Office of Congressional Ethics is getting investigatory again (which is their job), but this time, Capitol Hill denizens say, it’s a little different – they’re looking at donation/official actions correlations. The New York Times quotes Kenneth Gross (who is “fielding some of the document requests from ethics investigators”), “This is really a redefinition of the law … To pick eight members and say they voted on legislation and political contributions came in around this time is really going places that no regulatory authority has ever gone.”

Quote of the Week:

“Do I think these [de-registered lobbyists] went back to Arkansas and became farmers? No, they just weren’t doing it 20 percent anymore … I think the 20 percent rule needs to be clearly defined and also what the role of a lobbyist is.” – Dave Wenhold, president, American League of Lobbyists, Washington Post, 7/12/2010

Weekly Lobbying News Round-Up

Friday, June 25th, 2010 by Vbhotla

DISCLOSEd. HR 5175, this season’s signature campaign finance bill is (finally) passed. Nancy Pelosi and Chris Van Hollen are probably having a little celebration over on the Hill, while those opposed to the measure say “the fight isn’t over.” (Roll Call article here, subscription required).

According to the Indy Star, an online Indianapolis lobbyist database is greeted a bit skeptically – by the public, who think the reported numbers are much too low.  Visit the disclosure site at

Roll Call reports on the future of cases based on the Honest Services Fraud statute, after the Supreme Court’s decisions in Skilling, Black and WeyhrauchThis could have big consequences for former Jack Abramoff associates charged under the statute, including Michael Scanlon and Todd Boulanger; Covington & Burling produced a “client alert” which takes a more detailed look at the Honest Services Fraud statue, click here for the PDF.

The Times profiles administration officials hitting up the Caribou Coffee for a little caffeine buzz… and (cue the sinister music) undisclosed meetings with corporate lobbyists!!

Dan Coats’ past as a lobbyist continues to produce headaches for his campaign manager. Now the Indiana Senate hopeful’s previous lobbying filings were discovered to have listed him as a lobbyist for certain clients – nothing wrong with that – but when contacted about the filings, Coats’ former lobbying firm employer then claimed that Coats did not actually lobby for those clients. Politico rightly points out that knowingly having false information on your LDA forms is, in fact, illegal.

ALL’s President Dave Wenhold went to visit Croatia’s lobbying community. Pics up on the ALL website.

Hold on to your hats. Kevin Spacey as Jack Abramoff (boy, there’s a lot of Abramoff news recently; perhaps he is readying for a big comeback) in the upcoming feature film “Bagman.” It looks pretty similar to the documentary Casino Jack and the United States of Money, but with less emphasis on… well… facts.

Weekly Lobbying News Round-Up

Friday, June 11th, 2010 by Vbhotla

Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio)’s resolution on curbing the OCE is drawing some strenuous objections.  Eliza Newlin Carney of National Journal surveys the “shadows” of ethics reform. Democracy 21 and the Campaign Legal Center (both of whom have also been very involved in the DISCLOSE Act fight) express their concerns in The Hill. Also in The Hill, Nancy Pelosi is apparently willing to entertain questions and comments regarding one of her pet projects.

Lobbyists are handy whipping boys for public anger: FinReg & the Oil Spill being two big categories. The Center for Public Integrity analyzes the numbers of lobbyists doing revolving door-style career moves in the Financial Services sector, while lobbyists for BP are not getting any love these days. Neither is BP, for that matter; American Petroleum Institute attempts to bat PR cleanup for their member companies.

Quote(s) of the week:

“There are a lot of folks out here on K Street who used to be former staffers… [Fundraisers are] a good opportunity to meet new staff that maybe you don’t have a relationship with or maybe you haven’t met ” Jaime Harrison, Podesta Group, Roll Call, June 7

“I’d prefer his [Jack Abramoff’s] halfway house was in Russia, but that’s another issue,” Dave Wenhold, president, American League of Lobbyists,  Blog of Legal Times