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Tuesday Ethics Tip: Unethical Candy Corn Edition

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 by Vbhotla

National Confectioners Association is one organization that might want to hand out some of that candy corn they’ve surely got hanging around their office (which we imagine looking somewhat like this). If they’re hoping to use the “home state exemption” to hand out candy to members of Congress, here are some guidelines.

Photo by Liz West on Wikimedia

The “home state exemption for gifts to members of Congress:

Lobbyists (or entities that are employ or retain lobbyists) are allowed to give gifts to members of Congress or Congressional staffers, if they meet several requirements:

  • Items must be available to constituents or visitors to his office
  • Items must be of minimal value
  • The item must have been produced or grown in the Member’s home district or state

These are not items for the member to keep for himself, but to be given out to constituents or visitors.

A good example would be peanuts: a member from Georgia would be allowed to have peanuts from his home state in packages to hand out in his office. So if NCA wishes to give out candy under the exemption, they must search out members of Congress whose districts coincide with the origin of that candy.

The National Confectioners Association is represented by The Podesta Group, as well as Olsson Frank Weeda Terman Bode Matz PC. NCA also has in-house lobbyists. Issues that they are registered to lobby on include: Agriculture, Budget, Food Industry, Labor issues, and Trade issues.

Fun fact:

Candy Corn was invented by George Renninger and originally produced by the Wunderlee Candy Company of Philadelphia in the  1880’s.

The Ethics Tip is condensed from information found in the Lobbying Compliance Handbook.