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Important to Note in the 112th

Friday, January 14th, 2011 by Vbhotla

There has been a lot of discussion of “changing Washington” in the months leading up to the transition from 111th to 112th Congress.  Obviously, some of that was simply rhetoric, and some of it will be pursued with vigor (at least in the first session; enthusiasm may die down once the freshman class realizes some of the proposed changes will get in the way of effectively doing their jobs, just as high school and college freshmen realize by the second semester that things will not go exactly as anticipated).

Earmarks – You should know that the ban on earmarks is not in the House nor Senate rules.  It is, however, in the Republican Conference rules (which point to the House rules for guidance on defining earmarks).  As the definition of earmarks and what will and won’t be permissible is worked out, it is safe to assume if it was considered an earmark within the last five years, it will be considered an earmark moving forward.

However, experts argue that the current talk of an outright ban doesn’t make policy sense and will eventually reveal itself as allowing too much to the discretion of the Executive Branch.  New members of the House, in particular, are expected to tone down the rhetoric once they realize an all-out earmark ban would tie their own hands.

Transparency – Electronic texts have newly been added to the House rules regarding accessibility of legislation to the American people.  Though Congress has traditionally been concerned with the security implications of making legislation accessible online, this is expected to be the new standard as electronic media becomes more and more prevalent in society.

“Budget Czar” – Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) will have the power to unilaterally set policies regarding certain budgetary decisions, including the spending aggregate.  He may also decide to sub-allocate funds to advance the conservative agenda.

The Impact of the 2010 Election on the Organizational Structure of Congressional Committees

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010 by Brittany

In advance of the upcoming transitional and organizational meetings for the 112th Congress, this latest report from brings you an inside look at committee assignments and their projected changes. This 60-page report ensures you have the latest in Congressional committee breakdowns.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the 112th Congress 4
Expected Congressional Transition Calendar 5
Committee Analysis 6
Methodology for Projections 15
House Committees  
Administration 16
Agriculture 17
Appropriations 18
Armed Services 20
Budget 22
Education and Labor 23
Energy & Commerce 24
Financial Services 25
Foreign Affairs 27
Homeland Security 28
Judiciary 29
Natural Resources 30
Oversight and Government Reform 31
Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence 32
Rules 33
Science & Technology 34
Small Business 35
Standards of Official Conduct (Ethics 36
Transportation and Infrastructure 37
Veterans’ Affairs 39
Ways & Means 40
Senate Committees  
Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry 41
Appropriations 42
Armed Services 43
Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs 44
Budget 45
Commerce, Science & Transportation 46
Energy & Natural Resources 47
Environment and Public Works 48
Finance 49
Foreign Relations 50
Health, Education, Labor And Pensions 51
Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs 52
Indian Affairs 53
Judiciary 54
Rules & Administration 55
Select Ethics 56
Select Intelligence 57
Small Business & Entrepreneurship 58
Special Aging 59
Veterans’ Affairs 60


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