People Influencing Technology, Lobbying and Advocacy

This year has without a doubt developed some of the strongest connections between the technology and lobbying/advocacy industries. Previously Lobby Blog has discussed the transition of top many government officials and political insiders to tech companies, from the Silicon Valley’s biggest players to start-ups. Moreover, internet companies have tripled their lobbying spending over the last five years, to $47.5 million according to the New York Times. Commemorating this budding relationship D.C. Inno has compiled a list of people and companies in Washington, D.C. who are influencing the technology, lobbying and advocacy industries. Below are a few highlights from the list.

Lindsey Schuh Cortés, BlueLabs – Schuh Cortés is the new CEO of BlueLabs, which does data collection and analytics for political and other campaigns. Founded by President Obama’s original campaign data experts, the company has been growing fast this year, with new team members and new clients rolling in ahead of the big election next year.  Schuh Cortés is responsible for building and capitalizing on that success with tangible results based on the data analytics the company does.

Emily Rasowsky, Women In Tech Campaign – Rasowsky runs the Women in Tech Campaign, launching the All Women in Tech company to help build a community of women in tech and encourage more women to enter the field. She’s been named a WWPR emerging leader and done all of this extraordinary work this while working full time to help Social Driver grow its own social media campaign work and its Pop-Up Innovation Lab.

Gary Shapiro, CTA – Shapiro is president of the Consumer Technology Association (formerly CEA). He’s helped build the group into one of the most influential tech industry organizations in the country, working with more than 2,000 companies to come up with coherent policy goals that the CTA can push for on Capitol Hill. He’s been named one of the most influential lobbyists around by The Hill and sits on national and regional boards promoting innovation and technological solutions to community issues.

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