Music, movie, drug industries unite on copyright issues

If the Chamber of Commerce gets its way, Congress will soon be passing a law to mitigate copyright infringement online.  The Chamber is seeking to obliterate websites, such as the already-defunct Limewire, which allow music and movie sharing, or “pirating,” for free, claiming such sites are in serious violation of intellectual property regulations.

Drug companies, record labels and movie studios all see depleted sales thanks to online imitators and “sharers,” which enable consumers to bypass the original distributors for free or significantly discounted prices.  The Chamber is urging President Obama to push for IP protection as well, by enacting his IP enforcement strategy and constructing trade agreements in accordance with IP protections.   Opponents argue that such legislation places unfair limits on free speech.

In other copyright news, cell phone companies, which had banded together to combat copyright charges pending against them, won the battle against a company that sought royalties for features such as camera phones that virtually every cell phone employs, but for which the plaintiffs asserted they were granted a patent which extended into the next decade.

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