LD-2 Filing: Be Specific

Do you remember how we kept telling you to be specific in filing your LD-2 forms?

Someone didn’t take our advice, and for their pains, they got a nice little write-up by Politico and the Center for Public Integrity.

´╗┐The screenshot below is not acceptable filing, because on Line 16, they entered “health issues” as their “specific” lobbying issue. “Health issues” is not specific. Stating specific bill numbers and titles is specific. (E.g. “HR 1234, a bill to modify the appropriations process for Medicare/Medicaid, provisions regarding funding for federal employees”…). You don’t even have to state which side of the issue you fall on.

Unfortunately, their LDA filing is full of these under-disclosures.

While we tend to find these incorrect filings mildly humorous over here at Lobby Blog, the fact remains that this is not funny. The law requires that you file completely and correctly. Even a cursory glance at the requirements can solve these problems.

Don’t open yourself up for embarrassing and costly investigations. Follow the law. Everyone will be happier.

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