Keystone Part Deux

KEYSTONE XL IS reemerging as a central environmental issue after the State Department released a Draft Supplementary Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS) last Friday.  Environmentalists are “fuming”  and green groups  “reeling” at the Department’s findings.  According to The Hill:

Opponents of Keystone are furious at State’s environmental assessment of the project, which brushed aside  one of their central arguments against it: namely, that it would exacerbate clime change by expanding the use of oil sands.

It can easily be expected that Keystone advocates and opponents alike will shower more money on the issue as a direct result of the report, the former feeding their momentum and the latter doing all in their power to starve it.  Here are last year’s numbers, from CRP:

Oil and Gas Lobbying in 2012

Royal Dutch Shell $14,480,000
Exxon Mobil $12,970,000
Koch Industries $10,540,000
Chevron Corp $9,550,000
BP $8,590,000


Environmental Lobbying in 2012

Environmental Defense Fund


Nature Conservancy


BlueGreen Alliance


Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund


Defenders of Wildlife



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