Karaoke in the Capital

Luke Russert clearly takes his karaoke seriously

Last night a few of Washington’s favorites came out to belt- it-out to raise funds for the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation at the Karaoke in the Capital. The foundation provides musical instruments for deserving students and schools.

The event, emceed by Bob Schieffer of Face the Nation, was, as always, fairly entertaining with a stand out performance from Luke Russert.

This year the foundation selected Charles Eliot-Lemon G. Hine Middle School in Washington, DC to receive musical instrument funding. They currently have 20 working instruments which are shared amongst 70 students throughout the day. The students are even sharing mouthpieces (they clean them with alcohol in between classes.)

This year’s event was put on by the AAPC at the Rock and Roll Hotel. Lobbyists.info was a sponsor.

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