Introducing “The State Lobbying Compliance Handbook”

In mid-January, this blog announced that a new publication called The State Lobbying Compliance Handbook would be available for pre-order.  The motivation for the project was described as follows:

Until now, there have only been feeble attempts to conglomerate the disparate and contradictory elements of state lobby law. Yet the appetite for such a project has grown in recent years. Post-recession stimulus provoked a clamoring for clout in state legislatures and governors’ offices. Washington gridlock has driven many to look elsewhere.  State and local government affairs operations have sprung up to compete with their federal counterparts….The State Lobbying Compliance Handbook, published by Columbia Books in collaboration with Holtzman Vogel Josefiak PLLC, is a deliverance from these woes.

Now the book is fresh off the press and ready for delivery.  For customer convenience, we’ve even included a sample of the content on our order page.  This is a highly recommended resource that is well on its way to becoming an indispensable guide for anyone with a stake in state lobbying.  Don’t miss out!


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