Infrastructure in 2018?

A new CNN generic poll shows Democrats leading in the congressional polls by 16 points. The party in power also historically loses ground during midterm elections. The majority party often has problems getting voters to turn out for the midterms because they get complacent. Given these factors, and the GOP’s struggle to pass legislation other than the tax bill, Democrats are looking good for November.

However, Democrats are defending 25 Senate seats while the GOP is defending eight.

Given the lack of action on the part of the GOP this year, it’s no surprise that, “Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) thinks getting an infrastructure bill across the finish line this year will be tough,” according to Politico. Therefore, leading lobbyists are advising their clients to “start thinking about what a bipartisan infrastructure plan could look like if the Democrats take back the House in November.” Congress is unlikely to pass President Trump’s $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan this year “because [they] have so many other things to do and we don’t have much time” said Cornyn. However, Sen. Tom Carper disagrees with Sen. Cornyn. He believes that Congress must find a path forward on infrastructure this year. However, lobbyists are not discouraged. While they believe that there might not be an infrastructure bill this year, they are “not backing down” in their advocacy, said Julie Minerva, a partner at Capri and Clay. A Republican lobbyist described 2018 as, “the year to build momentum on infrastructure.”

Even though a large infrastructure bill might not pass this year, smaller initiatives might pass. “Infrastructure lobbyists are paying attention to the Water Resources Development Act, which authorizes water projects.” Other smaller infrastructure projects are still on the table, such as the Inland Waterways Trust Fund and the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund.

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