Grassroots Advocacy – The Key to Your Success

Now that presidential campaign 2016 season is in full swing, not only have we started to see a flood of advocacy efforts on behalf of the candidates, but from an enormous and ever increasing pool of different organizations and interests groups. For example, by now we are all familiar with advocacy groups such as Veterans Against the Deal, which has launched an ad campaign opposing the Iran nuclear deal and groups like Global Zero, which has also launched a series of ads, but in support of the deal.

But in today’s highly competitive and well-funded advocacy environment reaching the right audience, building a strong coalition of support, and achieving your goal is no easy task. So, how will you get your voice heard? The answer is through a successful grassroots advocacy campaign, a quintessential tool for today’s advocacy and government relations professionals. However, the nature of grassroots advocacy is constantly changing and adapting. Where does one start today?

This is where and Association TRENDS comes to the rescue with their new online e-learning course, Grassroots Advocacy Strategies & Techniques Deep Dive. In this 8-week course, Stephanie Vance—one of America’s foremost experts on grassroots advocacy—teaches today’s best grassroots advocacy strategies.

From where advocacy fits into your government relations program and policy agenda, to how to deploy your plan far less expensively than through traditional lobbying, you’ll actually build a plan for engaging more members and achieving change.

The highly interactive course includes video clips, readings, and a 24/7 discussion board with fellow attendees. You’ll take graded quizzes each week, fill out worksheets for homework assignments, and have weekly call-in times where you can speak directly with the instructor if you desire. Not only will you come away with an actual advocacy plan built on today’s absolute smartest strategies, you’ll have Stephanie Vance’s feedback on that plan. Each student will also receive a copy of the Advocacy Handbook (a $329 value) as a course reference guide.

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