GOP Attacks AARP

A Politico story published today reports that the House Ways and Means Committee released a report asserting that AARP’s interest in the healthcare overhaul presented a conflict of interests, considering the group’s connections within the industry.

The story quotes GOP lobbyist Chris Lamond of Thorn Run Partners, who says, “There is certainly a sense of getting back at some of those groups that supported [healthcare reform].  It is a little bit like, ‘We are in charge of the House side, we are going to hold their feet to the fire.’”

AARP spent $114,706,000 in lobbying dollars during the critical period between giada delaurentis little pokies 2008-2010 (when healthcare reform legislation was passed, and then Republicans, running largely on promise to repeal the measure, took control of the House of Representatives).  This is purely the amount spent on direct lobbying, as reported on LDA disclosures filed with the Senate.  This does not speak to any campaign donations on behalf of the organization, or direct contributions made by members at the urging of their association leadership.

The story goes on to contend that the IRS, which the House committee has designated as being responsible for taking action on the issue, has not raised any qualms with the organization.

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