DISCLOSE Gets a Second Life

When DISCLOSE went to the Senate after passage in the House on June 24, it included some controversial elements – and faced a tough road in the Senate.

But this week, it may have a chance at final passage. Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) push for the bill now includes a brand-new version of the bill. Introduced on July 22 (after the first attempt at passage had been shelved) Sen. Schumer’s new bill, at 116 pages, seems to include much of the original language, and seeks to amend the FECA.

The original legislation, H.R.5175 and S.3295, was under fire by moderates and more conservative Senators alike, with complaints ranging from accusations of attempts by Democrats to change the political landscape from the top down, to complaints of special treatment of the National Rifle Association or various unions.

The bill aims to shortcut the committee process and bring the bill to a vote on Tuesday. Read the new version of the bill here (PDF).The text has not yet been received in the Government Printing Office, and is therefore not available on Thomas. However, a PDF of the bill is available here at Express Advocacy.

According to Politico, “Schumer has left intact a contentious provision exempting the National Rifle Association and several other large organizations from the reporting requirements of the legislation. But he has removed other language that had been backed by the AFL-CIO and other unions excusing the labor organizations from having to report money transfers between affiliates.”

Read the story at Politico.

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