Compliance Q&A: Who Has to File the LD-203?

Q: Who is considered a registered lobbyist for purposes of filing the LD-203 semi-annual certification?  That is, if you did lobbying a year ago but have done none during the reporting period, do you still have to certify?

A: The first question to ask yourself is: Are you still registered? That is, are you still shown on the LDA report for that particular client?If you are listed on a LDA report for a client as the lobbyist, then you must file and certify the LD-203. If you have truly done no lobbying for a client in a year, then you need to be terminated off the lobbying report.

For example, in this old screenshot from a 2008 US Chamber lobbying report, the following lobbyists are on Line 18 as having lobbied on behalf of the issues listed:

If you haven’t been marked as terminated from a lobbying report, you’re still under obligation to file the LD-203.

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