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Is Your Website Advocating for You?

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 by Matthew Barnes

Join and speaker Peter LaMotte on December 17, 2014 2:00-3:30 pm ET for a webinar  on “Is Your Website Advocating for You: Tactics to Maximize Your Legislative Impact on the Web.” This webinar provides a fantastic crash course for mastering web tactics that can fundamentally transform your existing online presence.

Peter LaMotte is Senior Vice President & Chair, Digital Communications Practice at LEVICK. He leads the award-winning digital team, bringing the richest, most diverse digital talent and resources to bear on behalf of firm clients worldwide. A proven digital marketing and strategy leader, Mr. LaMotte is well-known for his ability to help clients drive adoption, change and understanding through unique combinations of digital strategies and channels. His client experience includes success with dozens of diverse brands including AARP, NEA, Sony, Kraft, Colgate Palmolive, Yahoo!, and Audio-Technica.

Grassroots Goes Social

Monday, June 13th, 2011 by Brittany

Ignore at Your Own Risk:
How Social Media is Becoming a Driving Force in Grassroots Lobbying
A webinar on June 23 from 2:00-3:30 EST 

Join us for a 90 minute interactive webinar on grassroots lobbying that will teach how all of the newest technological tools can help advance your message.

Our grassroots advocacy experts, Alan Rosenblatt of the Center for American Politics and Amy Showalter from the Showalter Group will set out a step-by-step plan for launching your online grassroots strategy to help you effectively engage your audience and promote a sense of community while effecting real change in Congress.

Discuss best practices for online strategies and employing real-time tactics and answer these three fundamental questions BEFORE you go social!

  1. WHY exactly should you go online
  2. WHAT is your organization trying to accomplish
  3. HOW can you leverage the various platforms for the most benefit 

Register now In addition to learning the myriad of options and how-to’s for social media engagement, you will learn how to maximize your online presence by increasing online trust, and using that trust to move your online advocates offline. The rules of trust in digital discussions aren’t much different than in-person networking, but the tools have changed.

In just 90 minutes you’ll find out:

  • How to promote a truly interactive online community  
  • How to leverage a Congress member’s online presence as a virtual office when getting through to the official offices
  • What is meant by the statement “Message control is dead.”
  • Three elements of face-to-face credibility and how to engage audiences online
  • Two actions that will hurt your online credibility
  • Five mistakes that can undermine your web site’s integrity (and how to avoid them)
  • How to gauge which online advocates have offline potential
  • The psychological tools that motivate volunteers to offline interaction
  • The ideal offline structure for maximum volunteer engagement and ownership   

Webinar Details
June 23, 2011: 2:00-3:30 EST
Have multiple staff members listen in on the same line!
Register now

NEW TRAINING SESSION: Lobbying and Government Contracting

Thursday, May 5th, 2011 by Brittany

Lobbying and Government Contracts:
What You Need to Know About Domestic Preferences in Federal Contracts and Grants
May 31, 2011 2:00-3:30 pm EST
Register now

It’s time to take a new look at government contract proposals.

That’s because recent laws like the Buy American Act, Trade Agreements Act, ARRA and rules on specialty metals change the playing field. Unless contractors change their proposals and how they execute contracts, access to money from local, state and federal agencies is simply out of reach.

Why risk it? Here’s how to align contracting strategy with today’s new “domestic preference” requirements.

Register now for Lobbying and Government Contracts: What You Need to Know About Domestic Preferences in Federal Contracts and Grants. Government contracts provide relatively Viagra Online certain income in an uncertain economy. Now, this audioconference shows you how to use a sharp and current understanding of “buy American” requirements to avoid having bids and proposals disqualified — and losing access to tens of thousands of dollars in government awards.

Govcon experts will map out exactly how proposal writing needs to change to comply with the domestic preference requirements in the Buy American Act, Trade Agreements Act, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), specialty metals law and other recent pieces of legislation. Plus, the Q&A session at the end gives you the chance to ask about specific challenges you’re facing. 

Reserve your space now to use “buy American” know-how to sharpen your procurement toolkit and your competitive edge.

State vs. Federal Lobbying

Friday, April 1st, 2011 by Brittany

Lobbying Outside Washington:
Mastering the Differences in State and Federal Compliance
April 26, 2011  2:00-3:30 pm EST
Audioconference- Dial-in from anywhere!

When it comes to lobbying and campaign finance, rules are often more stringent at the state level than at the federal level. Plus, rules for specific activities differ not only from federal to state, but from state to state – and they keep changing rapidly. Learn how to prevent violations before they occur…

Register for Lobbying Outside Washington: Mastering the Differences in State and Federal Compliance.  In this vital new audioconference, top state and local lobbying experts reveal “outside Washington” pitfalls. Whether you are new to lobbying or political activities at the state level, or are expanding into multiple states, this practical guidance helps you empower every member of your team to promote your cause without triggering compliance issues or negative publicity.

 Listen in to learn hcg diet how to navigate state campaign and lobbying laws, including how to:

  • Avoid common – but costly – mistakes at the state level
  • Address the regulations that trigger the majority of concerns
  • Understand state-to-state differences in filing of activity reports
  • Know how differing federal and state definitions of “lobbying” and “political activities” affect compliance
  • Ensure compliance when lobbying in multiple states
  • Handle data and records to help in the event of an audit
  • Correctly classify activities as grassroots lobbying or goodwill building – and how to report them correctly at the state and/or federal level
  • Register and report spending/income for lobbying organizations vs. individual lobbyists and even clients
  • Comply with the state restrictions on gift and campaign contributions that don’t apply at the federal level Minimize the consequences of violating state rules
  • Learn about new and potential state lobbying & ethics law changes

 Don’t wait, register today!

Are you prepared for a GAO audit?

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 by Brittany

Preparing for a GAO Audit of Lobbying Disclosure Reports
What you need to know
December 9, 2010 | 2:00-3:30 pm EST

Have you aligned your activities with HLOGA? Don’t let the new year find you unprepared. The GAO has now gone through several audit cycles. With leeway for unintentional failure to disclose expired, flawed disclosure and information monitoring will now trigger enforcement actions – and severe civil and criminal penalties.

Keeping your political activities, yourself, and your firm in compliance with the law takes vigilance. Find out what you can do now to protect yourself and prepare.

Register for Preparing for a GAO Audit of your Lobbying Disclosure Filings. This information-packed audioconference arms you with specific “do it now” guidance for making sure your records, contributions, gifts, practices and reporting will stand up under the harshest regulatory scrutiny. From checklists to real-world advice, you’ll come away with a solid action plan you can implement by December 31st, allowing you to breathe easy as you make all of the required filings.

New Audioconference: Need to know lobbying laws for 2011

Friday, October 22nd, 2010 by Brittany

K Street Compliance for 2011
Disclosure compliance, filing, gift and ethics rules, and campaign finance
November 16, 2010 · 2:00 p.m.-3:30 p.m. EST

After the midterm elections are over, Congress will take fresh aim at ethics. Lobbyists are fair game and “I didn’t know” won’t keep you out of the headlines – or exempt you from the stiff penalties associated with HLOGA, LDA and FARA.

If you aren’t sure what those acronyms stand for, you’re a sitting duck for ethics investigations and compliance violations. Even if you do know the basics of lobbying laws, you’re still at risk unless you’re absolutely certain you’re meeting deadlines, reporting, and recordkeeping requirements.

Why risk fines, penalties and negative PR?  Here’s your “primer” on the basics you must know to follow the rules in the complex world of government relations.

Register now for Lobbying: The Basics of K Street Compliance for 2011.

Young Leadership Network Happy Hour Tonight!

Thursday, October 21st, 2010 by Brittany

Make sure you come out tonight to mix and mingle with other young and young-at-heart government relations professionals.

When: 10/21/2010 from 5-7 pm
Where: Ping Pong Restaurant

900 7th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
Metro: Chinatown
Map it

About the YLN: The Young Leadership Network, an extension of the American League of Lobbyists, exists to provide young professionals with a peer-to-peer network designed to foster deep roots in Washington and throughout the lobbying community. The YLN hosts monthly networking happy hours in the DC metro area on the 3rd Thursday of each month as well as other events throughout the year. YLN members are also eligible for discounted membership rates (only $99!) for the American League of Lobbyists. Click here to join the ALL.

Questions? Contact Brittany Carter at

Karaoke in the Capital

Thursday, October 7th, 2010 by Brittany

Luke Russert clearly takes his karaoke seriously

Last night a few of Washington’s favorites came out to belt- it-out to raise funds for the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation at the Karaoke in the Capital. The foundation provides musical instruments for deserving students and schools.

The event, emceed by Bob Schieffer of Face the Nation, was, as always, fairly entertaining with a stand out performance from Luke Russert.

This year the foundation selected Charles Eliot-Lemon G. Hine Middle School in Washington, DC to receive musical instrument funding. They currently have 20 working instruments which are shared amongst 70 students throughout the day. The students are even sharing mouthpieces (they clean them with alcohol in between classes.)

This year’s event was put on by the AAPC at the Rock and Roll Hotel. was a sponsor.

New Lobbying Certificate Program Session

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 by Brittany

Join the American League of Lobbyists for their upcoming Lobbying Certicate Program (LCP) session:

Effective Communications: Congress and the Media
October 18, 2010 from 8:45-11:45 am EDT
Hall of States, Washington, DC

What you’ll learn:
Register for up-to-date training on how leverage more efficient and effective communications in the “New Washington,” including:

  1. How different government officials like to receive their information – and how to take advantage of the newest trends
  2. Today’s best new and traditional media – and when to use them
  3. How to get high ROI from what you spend on media communications
  4. How to support your contacts and give them greater persuasive power
  5. What to say (and not say) to get an appointment with Congressional staff
  6. How to craft a strong presentation and leave-behind materials
  7. What lobbyists must know about communications involving federal contracting -including bid negotiations, collateral policies and dispute resolution
  8. How to make sure your communications comply with all relevant rules – including the new lobbying requirements

Click here to register today!

New Audioconference on Congressional Investigations and Testimony

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 by Brittany

Congressional Investigations and Testimony:
Practical Strategies for Proactive Prevention, Damage Control and Success

October 14, 2010 2:00-3:30 pm EST

Congress wants answers. Financial services providers, “Big Oil,” and the insurance industry are already in the cross-hairs. With ethics, the budget and the stimulus creating a high-pressure, high-visibility environment, the possibility for many more individuals and organizations to face Congressional questioning is increasing daily.

What if you’re called upon to provide testimony or to advise a client who has to go before Congress?  What if you’re asked to present documents?  Will you be prepared to deal with PR issues – and prevent possible leaks?  Will you know how to negotiate terms of a hearing? Act now to arm yourself with a practical strategy for handling – and ideally avoiding –  congressional investigations.

Register now for Congressional Investigations and Testimony: Practical Strategies for Proactive Prevention, Damage Control and Success.

The 90 minutes you invest in this audioconference could literally make the difference between promoting your agenda successfully and losing everything. Top GR attorneys map out steps to take now that will empower you to prepare executives to testify successfully and avoid becoming the focus of a congressional investigation.

Click here to register.

US Congress Handbook Sponsors Hoops for Youth Kids Hill Day

Friday, September 17th, 2010 by Brittany

WJA Students at the Hoops for Youth Kids Hill Day

This week the US Congress Handbook was one of the sponsors of the Hoops for Youth Kids Hill Day, and I was lucky enough to be a team mentor for the day. Along with my partner mentor, James Bowman from Congressional FCU, I was in charge of a group of 8th grade boys from the Washington Jesuit Academy.

This field trip was part of the Hoops for Youth program which has raised over $600,000 for local children’s organizations in the past 11 years. Each year the foundation hosts a kids’ Capitol Hill day, basketball clinic and basketball game between members of Congress and local lobbyists.

At first I was a little worried (who wouldn’t be, when thinking about chaperoning a bunch of teenage boys) but it turned out to be one of the highlights of my year. The entire event, organized by Kate Leonard of the Leonard group, was so fantastic and inspirational.

The first half of the day featured motivational speakers including several US Marshalls, a former Justice Department attorney and a former convict who now works for Cease Fire, an organization that attempts to minimize gang violence in Washington DC.

After the speakers, the kids spent some time learning about the First Amendment, and we helped them to prepare a “mock proposal” to present during the Hill appointments. This year they had to convince Members to support them in their efforts to maintain federal funding for their local community recreational center. Since many of these kids are active participants at their actual rec centers, they had lots of great ideas and did such an excellent job presenting their ideas. All-in-all it was an amazing fun-filled day and I highly recommend volunteering for this event next year.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Kids Hill Day next year or donating to the Hoops for Youth Foundation please visit their website here:

Click here for more information on the US Congress Handbook.

It’s FREEBIE FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 27th, 2010 by Brittany

It’s Freebie Friday!!!! Order Washington Representatives Directory by midnight tonight and get FREE shipping and a FREE US Congress Handbook. That’s two free things! Yep, we know we’re awesome.

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The Washington Representatives Directory helps you quickly and easily locate profiles for:

  • 18,000 federal lobbyists with complete contact information
  • 2,700 lobbying firms with contact information, client lists, and lobbying income dollars
  • 12,000 corporations and nonprofits involved in lobbying complete with the issues they are lobbying on

Don’t wait! Call 1-888-265-0600 to place your order before this offer expires at midnight. Don’t forget to mention code TGIF when ordering.

YLN Happy Hour Tonight at Ping Pong Dim Sum!

Thursday, August 19th, 2010 by Brittany

Make sure you come out tonight to mix and mingle with other young and young-at-heart government relations professionals.

When: 5-7 pm
Where: Ping Pong Restaurant

900 7th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
Metro: Chinatown
Map it

About the YLN: The Young Leadership Network, an extension of the American League of Lobbyists, exists to provide young professionals with a peer-to-peer network designed to foster deep roots in Washington and throughout the lobbying community. The YLN hosts monthly networking happy hours in the DC metro area on the 3rd Thursday of each month as well as other events throughout the year.

Questions? Contact Brittany Carter at

Nonprofit Political Structure Audioconference

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 by Brittany

Register today!

Each of these action-oriented audioconferences takes just 90-minutes out of your day – yet they provide you with expert guidance that will make a bottom-line difference to your ongoing success with everything from lobbying and grassroots activities, to member involvement and political contributions.

SESSION 1: 501(c)3 organizations: keeping your tax-exempt status intact
September 14, 2010 · 2:00 – 3:30 pm EST

501(c)3 organizations must not engage in political activities, such as attempts to influence elections. But do you know exactly what that means? It could cost you big time if you don’t fully comply with IRS rules to avoid direct advocacy. Your organization can lobby – but only to some extent.  This session focuses on rules and regulations for 501(c)3 organizations – tax structure, advocacy, political events, and other political activities.  In addition, you’ll learn how to conduct a self-audit that provides vital early-warning on any areas of your operation that do not currently comply with IRS, FEC or HLOGA requirements.

SESSION 2: 501(c)4 & (c)6 organizations: how can you advocate?
September 21, 2010 · 2:00-3:30 pm EST

This session examines the special issues compliance issues surrounding nonprofits’ political activities, including the IRS rules that must be obeyed to maintain tax-exempt status and the HLOGA requirements that must be met to avoid disastrous publicity, $200,000 fines and up to five years in jail. Also included: a discussion of appropriate direct political activity.

Click here to register for one or both of the sessions!

Lobby Days and Fly-ins: Managing the unmanageable

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 by Brittany

Get ready.  Get set.  Go!  The elections in November 2010 are getting all the attention right now, but 2011 will be one of the busiest years on record for bringing members and citizen advocates to the Capitol… not to mention one of the most expensive.

Save time and money when you get planning advice from the experts – don’t waste your organization’s precious advocacy dollars. Make sure your message will be heard amidst the Congressional chaos. Maximize your advocacy impact while minimizing your costs. 

Register now for Lobby Days and Fly-Ins: Time and Money Saving Tactics for Managing the Unmanageable. In this audioconference, top grassroots expert Stephanie Vance arms your entire team with expert guidance for making every aspect of your 2011 events a success. Start your planning now to take full advantage of all these tips and tricks for effectiveness.

Conference Details:
September 23, 2010 from 2:00 p.m.-3:30 p.m. EDT
Where? Your office or conference room (no need to travel!!)

Online Registration:
Audioconference PLUS Audio CD: $319-Best Value!
Audioconference Only: $247
CD Recording: $247