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A free service of Lobbyists.info, LobbyBlog seeks to provide timely, informative snippets of useful content and conversation on the federal lobbying community: from lobbying and lobbyists to ethics, campaign finance, and pay to play law.

Lobbyists.info is the one-stop resource for information on lobbying and government relations. The site consists of three main components: Washington Representatives Online, US Congress Online and The Lobbying Compliance Center.

Washington Representatives Online is the online directory of all federally registered lobbyists and their clients, including the legislative areas they are registered to lobby under. This database also has contact information for PACs, 527 Groups, think tanks and government legislative affairs offices. US Congress Online is the online database of all members of the US Congress and their staffs. Profiles include complete contact information, photos, maps, biographies and more. The Compliance Center is the resource for all things compliance – from filing forms to FAQs on lobbying ethics and technical questions and HLOGA compliance training. The Compliance Center is also home to The Lobbying Compliance Handbook.

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